About Alliance Exports


Alliance Exports was founded in 2014 as a trading company. We specialize in the import and export of a variety of products and commodities such as, textiles & food products. Further, we expanded by exporting projects specializing in LED Street Lighting.

Our Objectives

Our primary objective for our customers is to make ends meet and to ensure product satisfaction

Product Satisfaction

We make sure that our product satisfy our each and every customer. Product Satisfaction is one of our major priority.

Mission Statement:

Alliance Exports LLC has an expertise in a vast array of products ranging from daily commodities, niche private label products, an enormous range of textile products as well as government projects in West Africa. We specialize is providing a one-stop shop for our customers with the highest standards of service and promptness. We have our roots in the United States of America but we operate all over the globe mainly dealing with Western African countries, Mexico and South America as well as some eastern countries.

Vision Statement:

The aspiration of Alliance Exports LLC is to become a leading wholesale trading company with roots all over the globe. In a world where globalization is the norm, we strive to be on the top of that pyramid. Customer satisfaction and service is of utmost importance to us and we aim to provide even more services in the future.

About Sohel Sheth

An enthusiastic Entrepreneur and Analyst with experience working in both a private practice
setting as well as a large, global public company. Has a solid background in Management
and data-based analysis gained through both academic and employment settings. Highly
experienced with client interaction at all levels in order to understand and meet the needs
of the business. Skilled in international trading of products with knowledge of USA, West
Africa and South American markets. Strong leadership and team-working skills to increase
efficiency and streamline any business. Self-motivated, hard working and always striving to
be better.


Years of Experience